High School Strength & Conditioning

Every athlete needs to get stronger, faster, and more athletic. In theory, strength training would take care of many of these issues. But most programs involved with strength are just based on doing a few weight lifts and trying to do them as heavy as possible. We’ll lift weights in this program, but you will train in a smarter method that builds your body while protecting it.

With our training we first build a body map of you. Everyone has physical weaknesses: we find them, then build your strength program around specifically addressing them. You won’t get a generic lifting program off the internet. You’ll get VERY strong, gaining power and reducing joint pain while becoming MORE flexible. The average lifting program will get you stronger, but tighter, and you head into the season with some big muscles that you will probably pull in season.

The strength work is what is right for YOUR body, you’ll have strength gains in a program that is far from one-size-fits-all.

Speed: you can learn how to be fast, and we can teach it! And, we will also teach athletes about how to eat, drink, stretch, and take care of themselves. It’s a complete program, like what a full-time college athlete would receive!

Our process of teaching the proper mechanics of sprinting has produced MANY fast athletes. There have been over 80 South Shore high school track records broken since 2010 by our athletes.