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Heart Rate Cardio Strength Training for Adults

an effective, safe, and customizable small-group workout. In this class, you will be working in intervals of strength training, cardio, and recovery while keeping your heart rate and intensity at just the right level. This includes Airdyne bikes, weight training, bodyweight strength exercises, sleds, ropes, and more. Our coaches are exercise scientists whose college education and career are dedicated to making you as fit as possible, without getting you hurt, and working with you to get the absolute most out of your time in class.

You'll burn more calories IN class. You'll burn more calories 24 hours a day by boosting your metabolism, adding muscle, and working at a level that is scientifically proven to be the most effective exercise regimen to do so. Whether you want to train to be physically durable enough for a Ruckus run, Boston Marathon, or to just look great, we train for looks and function!

what to avoid when choosing a workout progam

workouts that only do cardio:

  • your heart and lungs get in shape, but as soon as you finish, you stop burning calories

  • you work into repetitive stress injuries

  • you don't build toned muscle head-to-toe that helps keep the body strong

Workouts that only do strength

  • good for adding muscle, but your heart and lungs don't get in better shape, vital for your health

  • you tend to get stiff, tight, and do the same lifts over and over

  • you usually work out at too low or too high of an intensity level, therefore over-doing it or not doing enough

what you want in a workout

Cardio and Strength Training

  • you'll burn a LOT of calories in class

  • you'll also burn a LOT of calories for 24 hours after class

  • you can make exercises harder or easier based on what you need, this isn't a one-size-fits-all approach

  • we train in a class of just 8-12 people. That means you'll get the attention that you need to have a great class you will monitor your heart rate and calories burned in the workout. The new Shea Training App will allow you to see the results the moment that you're finished, and track all of your workouts both IN class, as well as OUTSIDE of class. Now you can start to take these workouts home with you and make all of your exercises more effective.

Professional coaches

  • Our instructors studied Kinesiology at the University level as well as attained their NSCA-CSCS or Certified Functional Strength Coach from Body by Boyle.

  • We do this for a living and are trained to modify workouts based upon what you need. This is so important if you want to stay healthy!

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Class Schedule
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